What the fascinated Miraestels will observe in the sky

An Empty and Unknown Universe, by Joan Anton Català at the Museu Marítimo de Barcelona.
On October 3, the Maritime Museum of Barcelona hosted the conference of astrophysicist Joan Anton Català to conclude the exhibition of Miraestels, which closes its doors on October 3.

We have an enormous fortune to enjoy life. Nature has created a place for us. A beautiful blue planet, which is our home and which protects us from the aggressiveness of the universe.
We began to be born and develop 13800 million years ago. The Big Bang signified the birth of our universe and at that moment, the basic components of which we are made began to be manufactured.
Millions of years later, the stars took charge of creating all the other materials that nature needed to be able to form objects as interesting as planets, trees, cats, or people.
But in the universe there also appeared a totally unknown form of matter. A matter that is not formed by atoms, and that we now know represents nothing more and nothing less than 85% of all the material in the cosmos. Therefore, we can say that we live in an absolutely unknown cosmos.

Even more surprising is the fact that the universe is practically empty. The distances between stars and galaxies are so enormous that it can be said that there is almost nothing between them. It is so empty that if someone were to visit us from another universe, he could come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing in ours.
An eighth of a small grain of rice distributed by a sphere equivalent to our planet would represent the density of matter in the universe. On the other hand and also astounding, we too are empty; most of the space occupied by the atoms that form us is empty.
It is fascinating because we enjoy life in a universe that we barely know and that is also empty. Every day, in our humble corner of the cosmos, we fill the world with life, alien to the aggressiveness and dangers of the universe.
Surely Miraestels reflects on all this and also on the mistreatment that day after day we provide to our planet, exhausting its resources and endangering the lifestyle of future generations.
We know of no other habitable planet like this. It is our home and we all have the duty and obligation to respect and preserve it for our descendants. Nature has gone to a lot of trouble to build the Earth and ourselves, in an empty and unknown universe.

Joan Anton Català holds a Master’s degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the International University of Valencia and a degree in Chemistry, specialising in quantum chemistry, from the University of Barcelona.
He is a scientific disseminator and a regular contributor to the Fabra, Montsec and Ebre Observatories.
He is the author of the books «Retratos de un universo sorprendente» (mundopalabras, 2016) and «Proyecto Galileo» (Bambú, 2017).
Specialized in astrophotography, which he practices from his observatory in Falset (Priorat).
He maintains a popular blog (http://estelsiplanetes.blogspot.com) and a web of astrophotography (http://www.catalaaltarriba.com).
He is a member of the Astronomical Association of Sant Cugat-Valldoreix and the Astronomical Group of Barcelona ASTER.
At a professional level, he is dedicated to change management and human resources, with business training at IESE and at the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.
He is a pioneer in Spain in the use of astronomy in the business world, with the creation of the innovative product «A space to grow», which already has important references.

Joan Anton Català
E-mail: joan@catalaaltarriba.com
Twitter: @estelsiplanetes

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